Kelley Court Artisans
A Touch of Hand Crafted Elegance
​by David and Carol Van Buskirk

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Dave's woodworking experience, combined with his love of design, function,  and his creativity gives him an edge as a woodworker to make his clients’ desired projects a reality, and to create works of art that inspire.  Whether working with the client or in cooperation with a specific project,  Dave brings a level of experience and skill required to achieve the aesthetic look and level of quality that is expected when workiing with wood. WOODEN BOWLS ​​

Dave has always had an interest in woodworking.  In 2015, he and his wife Carol, begain their work together, as wood and clay craftspeople.   Specializing in creating custom, commercial and functional works of art made of wood, or clay, to create a joyous partnership as they venture forward in their lives together. 

For the past seveal years, Dave has worked closely with clients in developing a reputation as a master craftsman and artisan. His woodwork varies in  range from the sleekness of modern design to the expansive scope of traditional design, all of which possess state-of-the-art hardware and finishes. Dave's attention to detail in the wood used, the finish applied, and the hardware chosen reflects a high level of aesthetics, and his desire to create beautiful works with wood.

Dave and Carol have a lifetime of friends and family in the rustic city of Fort Worth, Texas where their woodworking shop and clay studio are located.    Together, they frequent local artisan shows and special events where they have a movebale gallery of their creations. 

in an effort to preserve our worlds resources, he only work with abundant and readily available woods.
  • Red Oak
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Padauk
  • Ponderosa Pine